Spring into ACTION…

SPRING into action…

As I rolled out of bed this morning around 5:15, I realized I’m hungry for change. So much so, that since Feb 22nd I have sprung into action.

I have always believed that change is required when you’re unhappy. Positivity is essential in my life; it is just the way I am wired. When something is diminishing my positivity (the thing I thrive on), I need to change (adjust/modify/tweak/amend) SOMETHING.

Change requires action. What are you going to change and HOW?

THAT is what this blog has been about.

I’ve been taking action! Actively changing my life for the positive.

Speaking of action and change…

I was up and out of the house before 6:15 this morning. After an amazing cup of tea, I went to the park and jogged. By jog, I actually mean I briskly walked. Ok fine. Actually, I just I walked. I walked at a moderate pace and was able to jog twice for about ten seconds each, until I thought I wasn’t breathing and had to stop. The point is … I was out of my house before sunrise to exercise. I applaud myself.

I’ve also been working on one of my goals that I call “Starts from the Inside” (you can read my previous blog for a better description). I don’t ever eat fast food so that was pretty effortless to give up (HA!). I also don’t drink juice so that too was painless to bid farewell to. I’ve stayed away from carbonated drinks, which really didn’t phase me. I have increased my vegetable intake significantly and lowered my processed foods drastically (anything that comes in a box and has ingredients you cannot pronounce). I even made kale chips, TWICE!! (who am I?!). I have not had rice or pasta in weeks. Bread is tricky. So, I’ve decided that bread (7 grain to be specific) in a very limited quantity is allowed for right now. LOL!

I think the above modifications are worth being proud of. However, I’m not perfect (and never will be!). I am struggling and I do have my weaknesses. It would be ridiculous if I chose to not mention those as well. I am working on giving up my morning delight – my cup of delicious gratifying coffee. I once drank three (or more) cups of coffee every single day. With hard work and determination I was able to reduce this to one single cup of java in the morning. I now want to eliminate it totally. The sugar and dairy in the morning is just not worth it. HOWEVER, it seems impossible at this moment. Since the sugar is my number one enemy – I want to replace it with something (and not a processed sugar substitute). I have read that some folks add honey to their coffee as a sweetener. Quite frankly, I first thought this sounded disgusting; but it may just be my only option. I plan on trying this very soon.

Stay tuned….

My cup of TEA before my “jog” this morning…



One Month Later…

Today marks one month since I began “this journey”. A month ago, on my birthday, I decided I would start to consciously live life. Too often, we allow days, weeks and eventually years of our lives to pass without making the changes we desire or doing what we’re meant to do. We become robotic and overwhelmed with daily mundane responsibilities and forget to LIVE.

Change this drastic doesn’t and cannot happen overnight. I decided I would tackle this challenge by setting small attainable goals and running with it. Please visit my about.me page to fully understand what I am attempting to strategically accomplish.

So, how has this month been? What have I done? What has changed? How do I feel?

Overall, I feel great. I’ve been more positive and certainly more productive. I have not been as strong willed as I hoped I would be on some goals yet truly kicked ass on others. Which is fine (for me).

Here are some of my current goals and where I stand with them J Love, support, suggestions, encouragement are all welcomed!

  1. 5 AM club: Ouch! I did fabulous the first week of deciding to join the 5 am club. I woke up at 5 and got stuff done! I stepped out of bed motivated and roaring. I often left for work (at 7:30) already feeling accomplished. THEN, our dreaded time change happened and ever since I have lost all enthusiasm. This week needs to be better. I plan on giving myself explicit tasks I’d like to get done in the morning before work and only attempt 5 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Let’s see what happens…
  2. Cutting the Cord: In an attempt to be more productive, use my time more efficiently at home and save money (my triple play..lol) I decided to cut the cord and get rid of cable. Cutting the cord has been by far my most favorite change. Not only has it been quite easy, in addition to saving $100+ dollars monthly, I have been given back hours of my day.
  3. Starts from the Inside: The basis of this goal surrounds the quote: “A healthy outside starts from the inside”. I’m skipping the diets and the fads and the gimmicks – my goal is simply eating real food. And by real, I mean unprocessed and not man made. This is probably going to be one of the most challenging goals and it will certainly be a slow gradual process and I’m not sure where on the continuum of “healthy eating” I want to be just yet. What I do know right now is that I’m ready to change what I put into my body. I plan on writing a more detailed blog on what I currently consume and what I want/plan to eliminate. I am also interested in and reading more about the benefits of juicing. Any suggestions/opinions about this would be great! Currently sipping on a cocktail of yellow split pea soup, an entire onion, several cloves of garlic and various seasonings boiled to perfection. Delicious… cheers!
  4. Be the Change: Be the change you wish to see in the world. This goal is all about giving back and defining my life, my message, my purpose, – ultimately defining me. My challenge is going to be, choosing to be the person who not only notices what’s wrong in this world but trying to be part of the solution. My hope is finding time to volunteer and give back to my community. I have completed multiple volunteer applications at various hospitals in my area – hoping to work with their pediatric departments. No responses yet but keeping my fingers crossed. But even on a smaller scale, I simply want to make people smile. I want to pay it forward. I want to find small ways to make people’s lives just a tad bit happier.

I guess there hasn’t been much drastic change in the past month. However, there has been lots of effort. I do hope my efforts become change along the way.

SO looking forward to Spring…


Wishing everyone a productive week!


Goal No. 1: Waking up before/at 5 am

It may sound a bit simplistic. However, I think it may be a game changer in terms of my productivity and health.

Why in the world would I ever want to do this to myself? Well, that’s a good question.

Productivity: Apparently, research shows people who wake up before 6 am tend to be more productive. Can’t hurt – right? Ways I plan to be more productive at the crack of dawn:  prepare a healthy breakfast; prepare snacks/lunch for work; exercise; answer personal emails; blog etc etc etc Basically, everything I plan to do in the evening but usually am too exhausted or tired to actually do.

I actually like the AMs: Not to be confused with waking up and getting out of bed…I’m sort of a “morning person” already. I can certainly be that annoying friend who sends/replies to texts and e-mails at 6 am. Not sure why, but, I’m certainly more responsive and pro-active in the morning than in the evening. WHICH makes no sense, considering I tend to have a lot more free time in the evenings than in the mornings. However, by the time I get home after a workday, I am way too drained to really accomplish anything. It becomes very easy to spend my entire evening on the couch infront of the TV. My current habits are: going to sleep late – waking up with JUST enough time to get ready for work and RUN out the door. My goal would be to change this. Going to bed earlier and waking up with lots of free time in the morning.

There are several other reasons/benefits in the two links provided below.

PLUS, as a bonus I would be able to catch the sunrise every morning 🙂

Photo taken in Florida a few years ago…


Successful People Who Wake Up Really Early

2 Hours Earlier for a Week


I recently celebrated a birthday and gave myself a gift.

A gift of challenging myself to be more mindful and purposeful in creating and working towards goals during this new year of life. These goals are not all defined and my purpose is not succeeding at each one. However, the journey (I hope) will lead to:

  • Self discovery
  • Self discipline
  • Positivity
  • Better health

I plan to document this journey. Along the way I hope I can receive some inspiration and support and, of course, reciprocate the same.